Using iThenticate to Check for Plagiarism

iThenticate plagiarism checking service with collaboration of KARE Publishing

A Plagiarism Detection Service
You might have heard of papers that have been rejected for the percentage of text in the uploaded document that matches text in other published documents or web pages.
Papers that have been submitted to journals will be rejected by editors at the very first stages of monitoring mainly because of plagiarism.
Papers are crosschecked right after submission by editors and iThenticate plagiarism detection service in reputable journals, and papers will be rejected or returned back to the authors for edition if they match texts in other published documents exceeding 20 percent and sometimes 15 percent. Sometimes editors consider works not to be worth to publish and reject them. Copying another's work or borrowing someone else's original ideas is called plagiarism.

Detecting Plagiarism by iThenticate
Most of the writers and students will find their works rejected since they are not good at writing and citation. Regarding the accurateness of iThenticate engine, the editors of reputable journals implement iThenticate plagiarism detection service to detect plagiarism, and within seconds they will detect the percentage of similarity of a document with other published documents. It is recommended that authors crosscheck their works with iThenticate service or similar services like Turnitin before submission.
Now with the help of iThenticate plagiarism detection service provided by Academic Service, authors can crosscheck their manuscripts prior to submission into journals and receive a detailed brief of its plagiarism and find out the similar parts of the papers with other documents highlighted, which gives them the possibility to paraphrase similar parts and reduce the risk of papers rejection by the editors.
Please play the video to know how iThenticate plagiarism detection service works:

What Resources Does iThenticate Check?
Here’s the list of great databases used by iThenticate to crosscheck the documents for plagiarism:

- Science Direct
- Oxford Nature
- ISI Web of Science
- PubMed
- Cengage Learmomg
and more than 130 Library

How to Get Started – Plagiarism Detection Service:
  1. Registration on the website of Academic Service at
  2. Buying credit
  3. Uploading paper, and receiving similarity report in a few minutes.
How to Remove Plagiarism from a Document:
Plagiarism detected by iThenticate should be fixed if the similarity is more than 20 or even 15 percent. So, the next step would be reducing this similarity. At the beginning the highlighted lines should be paraphrased. It means, the author must reword the highlighted phrases.
There are various ways to paraphrase a sentence, including, using synonyms for the words or changing the order of words in a sentence, however the most effective way is to replace a sentence with another of a different structure and grammar.
For paraphrase services you can send us an email.

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